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September 1st, 2020 @ 10am PST / 1pm EST

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How to Build a Pipeline of New High-Value Accounting Clients
Directed by Anthony Glomski and Russ Alan Prince

For most accountants, the hardest part of building a very successful practice is bringing in new business. Sourcing high-value clients is a cornerstone of the most accomplished accounting practices.

There are many ways to source new high-value accounting clients. While all of them can work do varying degrees, the most effective way is when other professionals such as bankers, lawyers, and financial advisors refer their best clients to YOU!

In this live online video-event, Anthony and Russ will explain a proven methodology that — when implemented well — will result in a steady stream of new high-value accounting clients for your practice — no matter what kind of accounting practice you have. By using this process, you will build a pipeline of great clients interested in your services who are extremely interested in working with YOU!

When you implement this methodology, you will choose the other professionals who will become your advocates. Not only will they be actively looking for great clients to refer you, but they will also strongly endorse you and only YOU!

How you will benefit from the event:

What is very important to understand… with this approach, you do not need to provide referrals to get referrals. You can build a pipeline of new high-value accounting clients without ever having to make a referral.

Who is this event for:

If you want to substantially grow your practice by creating a steady stream of new high-value accounting clients, this event is for you.

Anthony Glomski is the founder of AG Asset Advisory, an internationally recognized SEC-registered Family Office. His team works extensively with entrepreneurs to optimize their financial world. This collaborative process addresses an array of family, financial, and lifestyle concerns along with coordination and oversight of various professionals to keep everyone focused tightly on their goals. Anthony began his career at KPMG and has been featured in Forbes, US News, and several other media outlets.

Russ Alan Prince is one of the leading authorities in the private wealth industry. He regularly consults with the Super Rich, family offices and select fast-tracking entrepreneurs, and is often engaged by wealthy family members and successful entrepreneurs for personal wealth creation coaching. He is co-author of, Everyone Wins! How You Can Enhance and Optimize Business Relationships Just Like Ultra-Wealthy Entrepreneurs (available on Amazon).

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